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gorgio harvy brown pants and jorrdan spaz fart down-ball is a conspiracy!!!

ok so today me and 30 other lochieleaks works had discovered that downballl is a conspiracy. i will tell you why. it all starts will jorrdan spaz fart before he starts playing he meets up with gorgio were jordan pays gorgio to spaz out on purpose and then this get people pissed then when gorgio gets kicked out other people see that and distracts them. this is were harvy borwn pants comes in as people are distracted harvy comes in and piosoned ethan thats why he is so bad. but why are they doing this, well because ethan is none other than frank cozzo, and if people know that he is frank cozzo then gorgio harvy brown pants and jorrdan spaz fart can steal his furniture, that is full of cocain

i took this photo of gorgio harvy brown pants and jorrdan spaz fart

jorrdan harvey and gorgio are corrupt and drug mules !!!

we need to stop jorrdan harvey and gorgio before they beat me up beats me up

jorrdan harvey and gorgio are danger!!!!!

leakers lets kill jorrdan gorgio and harvey and cook his body then send the meat to sudan for kids to eat him

help sudan kill lochee and make little sudanese kids eat him i am doing my job what about you with your blue profile picture

list of the leakers

  • ethan:)
  • billy :)
  • oscar :)
  • david the great :)
  • josh the legend :)
  • mani :)
  • kiela
  • alex
  • james
  • ernie
  • luca
  • kosta
  • harvey x maddie = <3
  • giorgio
  • sam
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